MJP was delivering comprehensive Fire Safety Services for the Confucius Institute for Ireland, a dedicated space designed for the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, aimed at fostering dialogue and exchange. The UCD Confucius Centre, acclaimed with the RIAI award for Learning Environments in 2018, serves as both an educational and cultural hub supported by funding from both the Chinese and Irish governments. This collaborative project involves the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), Renmin University of China (Beijing), and UCD (Dublin), featuring a design that spreads across three levels centred around a main atrium. This structure houses various teaching, learning, research, training, and administrative spaces. Open to the public, it includes a library, auditorium, restaurant, and exhibition galleries. The design of the ground floor integrates with the surrounding landscape, offering a series of spaces that maintain a close connection with the natural environment. This approach, drawing on the traditional Chinese architectural principle of centring a building around an open space, enhances the institute's role as a cultural and educational bridge.

University College Dublin