The Central Bank of Ireland's new headquarters, located on North Wall Quay, stands as a landmark construction in Dublin City. This building serves as a prime office space, offering outstanding facilities to over 1,500 staff members. The fit-out covered a vast area of approximately 28,849 sqm across eight floors and two basement levels. Designed with a central atrium that enhances connectivity between office wings, the building features a unique staircase winding through its floors. Office layouts from the fourth to the seventh floor are designed as open spaces, incorporating meeting pods strategically placed throughout. The first level houses a welcoming reception, an exhibition space, and meeting rooms, while the second level includes the board room and additional meeting rooms. The third floor is dedicated to the canteen, and the eighth floor houses a training area, complete with a rooftop garden and balcony. The interior fit-out was meticulously executed to transform the initial grey box into spaces with the client’s desired high-quality, award-winning finishes.

MJP Involvement 

MJP provided full fire engineering and disability access consultancy 
services throughout the project on behalf of the CBOI

Cogent & Associates