This 45,000-square-meter development houses two interconnected office buildings, one for ESB's headquarters and another for commercial use, featuring sustainable technologies to minimize carbon emissions and achieve near-zero energy consumption. The design carefully balances natural light and thermal efficiency, incorporating 50 geothermal wells, 200 solar panels, and efficient energy systems to aim for a BREEAM excellent rating. It stands as a model of eco-friendly efficiency, respecting the Georgian streetscape while introducing modern thermal window technology and a double-wall brick facade that ensures both structural integrity and aesthetic harmony. This project not only preserves the historical context but also enriches the daily experience of its users and the wider community.

MJP Involvement 

Disability Access Consultancy for the main development, which consists of two interconnected office buildings, one will accommodate the ESB Head Office, whilst the other will be made available commercially. This 45,000 sqm development incorporated several innovative sustainable technologies which will reduce carbon emissions and running costs, delivering a near-zero energy building. The development also comprises the refurbishment and redevelopment of existing protected structures on Fitzwilliam Place.