Why Computer Fire Modelling? 

Large and complex projects often benefit from more detailed computer fire modelling to support value-engineered design solutions or justify certain aspects of the design, such as smoke modelling, to demonstrate the acceptability of extended travel distances or as part of a timeline analysis for evacuation. 

Our experienced fire engineers are fully acquainted with and proficient in the use of a range of computer fire modelling and evacuation models, including NIST FDS Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), PyroSIM, CFAST, FPETool, ASKFRS, ASKHPM, ASMET, and CCFM. 

Our expert team has also developed a range of fully validated in-house fire and smoke modelling software for use in projects where higher-order fire engineering design solutions are required to demonstrate compliance with fire and life safety objectives. 

Computer Modelling

We have achieved this through: 

  • Knowledge of national and international prescriptive-based guidance and regulations
  • The embracement of advanced fire engineering modelling – modelling of fire growth, smoke movement, structural response, and occupant behaviour – to deliver innovative and cost-efficient solutions
  • An ongoing commitment to the provision of a cost-effective and prompt service
  • Adopting a proactive approach to service delivery from project inception through to building occupation

Computer Fire Modelling Projects 

MJP has used NIST FDS Computational Fluid Dynamics on several large and complex projects, including the Midlands Prison Cell Block Extension, Mountjoy Prison, Kelly’s Resort Hotel and Spa, HSE North East Nursing Home, Google EMEA HQ, and Carlow IT Innovation and Research Building, and in support of various Timeline Analyses.

We also have extensive expertise and experience in the application of structural fire engineering methodologies. This includes using various techniques as set out in the Structural Eurocodes and advanced analytical methods, including finite element analysis. MJP has particular expertise in this through experience in structural design, combined with the postgraduate fire engineering training of its Directors/Consultants. 

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