Charlemont Square, the pivotal second phase of Dublin 2's Charlemont Street renewal, marks a €210 million transformation of about 13,000m2 of previously neglected space into a key community hub. Launched in January 2018 and completed by December 2022, it aimed to create a vibrant centre for local interaction and events.
This redevelopment included demolishing four outdated residential blocks and removing asbestos to make way for six new high-rise buildings.

The office area features a two-level Grade 2 basement, a reinforced concrete frame, custom curtain walling, and brick and stone exteriors designed for efficiency and aesthetics with features like roof terraces, secure parking, and top-notch facilities.

MJP Involvement 

Within our role as Fire Safety Consultants, MJP obtained statutory 
approvals (FSC) for the scheme design, and provided full fire engineering consultancy services throughout the detailed design, construction, and handover. 

McGarrell Reilly
Dublin City Council