The Bolands Quay urban renewal project marks one of the most extensive and vibrant buildings in Dublin. Bringing life to the  Docklands' historical industrial warehouses, pillars of Ireland's heritage.

This landmark development skilfully merges the old with the new, integrating residential, commercial, and office spaces. At its heart, the rejuvenation of the 1830s grain warehouses and stone mills stands in harmony with the construction of three modern, slender towers above a vast three-level basement. Connectivity is enhanced with a newly introduced pedestrian bridge and two squares, tying the site to the surrounding Silicon Docks, complemented by a 549m2 area designated for cultural gatherings.

The building will be serving as an extension of Google's EMEA headquarters, the Bolands Quay campus and will support up to 2,500 employees, sprawling over 36,851m2 that includes office, living, retail, and cultural spaces.

MJP Involvement

Full Fire Safety and Disability access consultancy services from the initial concept design stage through statutory approvals, construction, and handover.