The Rock Wing is a new nine-story facility designed to enhance healthcare services. The Rock Wing introduces 98 additional beds to the hospital, enriching its capacity with 16 cutting-edge intensive care unit (ICU) beds and designating a new space for the National Isolation Unit (NIU). This expansion includes a comprehensive array of ancillary services, such as nurse stations, pantries, and both clean and dirty utility rooms. Notably, the third floor is dedicated to the ICU, offering 16 new beds, while the sixth floor accommodates 20 new High Dependency Unit (HDU) bedrooms. The Rock Wing, conceived and designed by JV Tierney & Co., spans approximately 11,000 square meters, marking a significant advancement in the hospital's infrastructure and its ability to provide critical care.

MJP Involvement 

MJP was appointed to provide full fire engineering and disability access consultancy services from start to finish.

Mater Misericordiae University Hospital