The Garda Headquarters stands as a crucial addition to the city's infrastructure, offering An Garda Síochána a state-of-the-art center of excellence. It also presents the city with a modern civic structure that enhances its key location at a major entrance to Galway City. Spanning approximately 11,000 square meters across a 1.02-hectare site, the facility is composed of various interconnected blocks, ranging from two to five stories, which encircle a secure central courtyard. This design accommodates the diverse needs of An Garda Síochána and the public, featuring offices, conference spaces, vehicle testing facilities, garages and workshops, storage areas, a public reception, areas for prisoner processing, a firing range, and other related functions.

Crafted by the Office of Public Works, the architectural plan integrates eco-friendly design elements such as green roofs and solar panels, achieving an A energy efficiency rating. This commitment to sustainability underlines the building's modern approach, ensuring it not only meets current needs but also contributes to environmental stewardship.

MJP Involvement 

MJP was appointed to provide full fire engineering and disability access consultancy services from start to finish.

Office of Public Works