Stefan graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2005 with an honours degree in Structural & Civil Engineering. He specialised in the field of Fire Safety Engineering by completing the Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate diploma in Fire Safety practice in 2006.

His professional career in Fire Safety Engineering began in 2006, and since then, he founded Alpha Fire Safety Consultants in 2008 prior to founding Maurice Johnson & Partners in 2009.

Stefan has extensive experience in relation to all types of projects, including small residential developments, nursing homes, hotels, large mixed-use commercial developments, large office blocks, large residential schemes, and hospital developments.

He has delivered some of the largest commercial, residential, industrial and heathcare projects around Ireland since 2009. He has vast experience in assessing compliance in relation to existing buildings and has delivered numerous remediation projects.  

He has been involved in innovative design solutions with atria buildings, advanced structural modelling exercises, fire engineering analysis etc.

Knowledge of Fire Safety Solutions, Standards and Regulations

Stefan has an in-depth knowledge of Fire Safety Engineering solutions, including extensive experience in the application of BS 9999, BS 9991, HTM 05-2, TGD-B, UK ADB, etc.

In relation to Access Consultancy, Stefan has gained extensive experience since 2009 and has developed a detailed knowledge of TGD-M, BS 8300, UK ADM and has also used the American ADA standards for some overseas clients when requested. 

Stefan’s expertise in fire safety solutions, standards and regulations is further evidenced in his role as an Approved Inspector with An Bord Pleanála with respect to Fire Safety. He has been involved with Department of Housing & Local Government in relation to the update of TGD-B in 2020 and continues his involvement on various committees and advisory groups in relation to National Guidance.