Access and Use

Access and Use

In line with our current mainstream consultancy services, MJP are delighted to offer our Clients “Access Consultancy services” including the preparation, submission and negotiation of Disability Access Certificate {DAC} applications and carrying out access audits, which will assist our Clients in complying with the latest requirements of Article 20 of the Building Control Regulations 2009 and Section 25 of the Disability Act 2005.

MJP has established itself as the leading accessibility consultancy in the country and have provided accessibility design services on many prestigious projects including The Google EMEA HQ, Paypal European HQ, Abercrombie & Fitch and ESB HQ. Our industry standing is underpinned by our high level knowledge of local and international design guidance and practical experience.

In satisfying internal design requirements of multinational companies MJP regularly apply International design standards including the American Disability Act in addition to discharging local Building Regulation responsibilities.

Our scope of services encompasses both the Use & Access of a building and has regard to many building features including accessible signage, visual contrast, lighting and furniture design and arrangement to ensure a buildings features are accessible for all.

MJP have unique design experience in providing holistic design solutions of marrying heritage buildings with modern day design guidance. MJP collaborate closely with all faculties of Councils in deriving a design solution sensitive and cognisant of the building’s architectural considerations and ensuring that historic building provide the highest of accessibility possible.

In order to assist public organisations to substantially comply with the relevant requirements of Section 25 of the Disability Act 2005, we offer our accessibility audit service. An access audit determines a building or an environments performance with respect to the prescriptive requirements of the Building Regulations and other best practice guidance documents. The audit involves a full site survey of a facility, a comparative report between our findings on site and the relevant performance standards, a series of practical cost effective recommendations as required to bring the facility into substantial compliance with Building Regulations. The access audit document is considered a practical tool which would form a basis of reference in the process of endeavouring to achieve compliance with the requirements of Section 25 of the Disability Act 2005. Upon substantial completion of the required works if any, we are happy to proffer a professional Opinion of Compliance from a Chartered Member of Engineers Ireland.

The aim of our access consultancy service is to promote universal design and access for all within the built environment by striving to ensure universal accessibility is achieved.

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