Fire Safety Managment & Training

Fire Safety Management & Training

MJP offer a wide range of fire safety services to the built environment, one of our core services being the fire safety management and training division, geared to ensure that an organisation actively discharges their statutory duties under the Fire Services Act 1981/2003 and equally to ensure all personnel have the necessary skills and knowledge base in the event of an incident.

The Fire Services Act 1981-2003 and Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 place statutory obligations on buildings owners and managers to provide safe place of work and safe systems of work and obligates Employers to undertake Risk Assessments. Fundamental to this objective is the provision of appropriate fire safety management and fire safety awareness and evacuation training.

Our range of training and management services include Fire Safety Marshal & Warden training, evacuation training, fire safety management planning, evacuation for non ambulant persons and during performance audits.
Our fire safety training services spans many industries, with all our training programmes tailored and delivered to reflect our Clients needs. We deliver training to a diverse range of Customers including Healthcare, Commercial office and retail properties and Public Entertainment venues and we are currently delivering fire safety training to organisations of over 30,000 staff per annum.

Our scopes of services are specifically tailored to the specific requirements of a building, its staff and the function of the environment. As part of our Healthcare offering MJP provide progressive horizontal evacuation training including the use of evacuation mechanisms and simulated evacuation drills. Our Fire Marshal courses also ensure that Senior Clinical personnel on the scene of a fire have the necessary skills and knowledge base to allow them make significant decisions in the care and protection of patients, staff and visitors.

With the introduction of BS 9999 as a relevant design guidance; the fire safety management of a building becomes an integral part of the fire strategy at design stage of the building and MJP are uniquely positioned to deliver fire safety management and training services.
The scope of fire safety training and management services available include:

  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire Safety awareness courses
  • Fire Warden courses
  • Fire Marshal courses
  • Simulated evacuation drills
  • Live evacuation drills
  • Use of First aid fire fighting equipment training
  • Progressive horizontal evacuation including use of equipment
  • Instructing staff how to undertake Fire Safety Risk Assessments
  • Preparation of Evacuation plans
  • Preparation of progressive horizontal evacuation plans
  • Preparation of fire safety management plans
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