Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital of Ireland

Designed by O’Connell Mahon Architects, this proposed development is for the Children’s Hospital of Ireland, at Eccles Street, Dublin 7. It will comprise the construction of a national paediatric hospital, to be known as The Children’s Hospital of Ireland at the development site known as the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital campus, Eccles Street, Dublin 7.

The Children’s Hospital of Ireland hospital building will comprise some 88,797 square metres (sq.m.) above ground level (at Eccles Street). The gross floor space of the building will be 108,356 sq.m. with an additional 35,590 sq.m .provided for the underground parking of vehicles. The building height above street level (at Eccles Street) will vary from four storeys in the building block fronting onto Eccles Street to sixteen storeys (fifteen storeys plus a level of plant rooms), all over five basement levels (at Eccles Street). The building height will be 94.49 metres Ordnance Datum or approximately 73.89 metres at its highest point above the street level at the Entrance Forecourt on Eccles Street (the OD in the centre of Eccles St opposite the entrance is 20.6 metres).

The Children’s Hospital of Ireland building will accommodate full clinical facilities for the provision of national tertiary services, as well as secondary services for the Greater Dublin Area. The proposed building also provides direct linkage through to the adjoining Mater Adult Hospital (currently under construction) located to the north at levels -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, and 3.

Following an international competition MJP were appointed as Fire Safety Consultants to the project

Children's Hospital of Ireland