Euro-Sino Trading Hub

European Chinese Trading Hub, Athlone

Designed by Henry J Lyons Architects, The vision of the Euro-Chinese Trading Hub (ECTH) is to establish a centre for international trade and commerce between China, Europe and the rest of the world. The complex, situated on a 300 acre site at the eastern aspect of Athlone will comprise facilities and business space occupying 1.0 million sq metres. The hub will provide demonstration space for Chinese manufacturers and traders to display their products to European and international buyers, with a view to generating bulk orders, which will then be delivered from the producers in China.

The ECTH is comprised of the following elements:

  • Mega trading halls: 9 blocks, 365,000 sq m
  • Single trade exhibition building: 9 blocks, 18,000 sq meters
  • China Palace (changing exhibitions) 20,000 sq meters
  • Residential accommodation: 750 units
  • Commercial service area (offices, administrative services, hotels, apart-hotel, shops, restaurants, pubs, theatre, library and arts centre, leisure centre, school, train station, etc.) c.200,000 sq meters
  • Underground car parking of c 120,000m2

Estimated cost for the project at completion is €1.0bn, which Phase 1 Works having a budget cost of €175m.